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First Costa Brava International Comic Award

Achtung: Die Einsendephase hat jetzt begonnen!
Deadline ist 30. April 2012

First Costa Brava International Comic Award
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board und der Stadt Torroella de Montgrí, wurde der Costa Brava International Comic Award ins Leben gerufen. Der Award ist sowohl der Förderung von Kunst und Kultur im allgemeinen, als auch speziell der Comickunst gewidmet ist.

Der Costa Brava International Comic Award wurde in 2011 zum ersten Mal ausgeschrieben und ist mit einem Preisgeld von 20.000 Euro dotiert. Einsendungen werden vom 1. Februar 2012 bis 30. April 2012 angenommen. Die Entscheidung der Jury wird am 11. Mai 2012 in Torroella de Montgrí verkündet.

Die vollständigen Teilnahmebedingungen sind unten im Original beigefügt.

Die Eckdaten den Teilnahmebedingungen für den Award:
  • Sowohl Thema und Stil der eingereichten Comics sind frei wählbar
  • Die Beiträge müssen in Farbe sein, Mindestseitenzahl: 48 Seiten
  • Mögliche Sprachen der Beiträge: Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Französich, Katalonisch
  • Mindestalter der Teilnehmer: 18 Jahre.
  • Die Teilnahme steht allen Comickünstlern offen, unabhängig von ihrer Nationalität.
  • Es sind nur eigene, exklusiv eingereichte, und weder in Print noch in elektronischer Form veröffentlichte Beiträge zugelassen.
  • Das Preisgeld für den Gewinner beträgt 20.000 Euro und beinhaltet einen Veröffentlichungsvertrag mit PANINI ESPAÑA, der auch internationale Veröffentlichungen in Übersetzung vorsieht.
  • Der Finalist erhält eine Preisgeld von 5.000 Euro, dies beinhaltet ebenfalls einen entsprechenden Veröffentlichungsvertrag mit PANINI ESPAÑA.
  • Kontakt-Adresse: siehe Update am Ende der Ausschreibung


Ausschreibung und Teilnahmbedingungen

In its commitment to culture and art, and the promotion of the comic as an art form, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and the City of Torroella de Montgrí, have organised the first Costa Brava International Comic Award, which will be governed by the following terms:


The First Costa Brava International Comic Award aims to promote the comic as a major art form and to bring together different cultures thanks to their international character, while internationally promoting the Costa Brava at the same time.



1.- Both theme and style are free choice.


2.- Entries must be original and unpublished, i.e. not published in book or electronic form, or serialised in comic books whether they are in the comic or general genre. Entries submitted to other contests, whether for comics or not, will not be accepted either.

3.- Entries may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian or German.

4.- Entries must be in colour and be a minimum of 48 pages.


5.- Entry is open to people of any nationality over the age of 18.

6.- Entries can be made individually or in groups. In the latter case, the tasks carried out by each of the co-entrants will be specified.

7.- Award entrants and co-entrants promise to not submit their project to other competitions until they are aware they are no longer being considered for this award.


8.- Participation in the competition assumes awareness and acceptance of these rules, as well as:

• The participant's assurance of authorship and originality of the work submitted, and that it is not a copy or total or partial adaptation of anyone else's work. The award organisers are not liable for any claims.

• The participant's assurance that the entry has not been published anywhere in the world and that the entrant has exclusive ownership of the entry, free of any charges or limitation in full rights of publication. The award organisers are not liable for any claims.

• The entrant agrees to the reproduction, distribution and publication of the work submitted, should it receive an award.


9.- Complete entries will be submitted. The labelling may be provisional.

10.- In no event should originals be submitted, only A4 copies, numbered, sorted, stapled and/or bound.

11.- The entrant or co-entrant's name should be included together with the entry, as well as all contact details (address, telephone and email).

12.- A photocopy of the entrant's or co-entrant's valid national identity document from their country of residence, or equivalent document, must be included.

13.- The entries, in the specified format and with the requested information and documents, shall be sent to the City's general registry in a sealed envelope, on which "First International Costa Brava Comic Award" is clearly indicated, to the following address:
Ajuntament Torroella de Montgrí
Plaça de la Vila, 1
17257 Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)


14.- The first prize is TWENTY THOUSAND EUROS (20,000 Euros). The entrants or co-entrants of the winning entry will sign a standard publication and representation contract for the sale of subsidiary rights and translations established by PANINI ESPAÑA.

15.- Although the total prize is an advance on royalties generated by the entry, so that the author or co-authors receive short-term higher remuneration, from the 8% of the royalties generated by the first copy sold the publisher (Panini) will assign 4% to cover the amount advanced by the organising bodies and the other 4% will be assigned to the entrant or co-entrant, even though it does not cover the total amount of the award. Once the prize's €20,000 is reached, the entrant or co-entrant will then receive 8% of the copies sold.

16.- The finalist's entry will be awarded with FIVE THOUSAND EUROS (5,000 €) in advance for author's rights and, as with the first prize, the entrant or co-entrant will receive an additional 4% while the other 4% will go to cover the guaranteed minimum from the first copy sold. The author or co-author of the finalist's submission will sign a standard publication and representation contract for the sale of subsidiary rights and translations established by PANINI ESPAÑA.


17.- The granting of the award is on the condition that the entrant or co-entrants transfer all exploitation rights for the entry exclusively to PANINI, in all countries and languages, as well as transfer all publication rights across all platforms.

The winning entrant or co-entrants are obliged to sign the contract or contracts for the exclusive publication and transfer of exploitation rights to the publisher of the winning entry within one month from being awarding the prize.


18.- The jury will consist of professionals from the comic sector, freely appointed by the organizing committee. Jury deliberations are secret and final.


19.- The organizing committee will consist of three persons appointed by the city of Torroella, the Costa Brava Girona Tourism and the company Panini España, S.A.


20.- The period for submission of entries will begin on February 1, 2012 and end on April 30, 2012.

21.- The jury's decision will be announced on 11 May in Torroella de Montgrí.

22.- The prize may not remain unawarded.

23.- Copies of the entry, in digital format, must be delivered within 10 days from the announcement of the award.

24.- Copies of losing entries will not be returned and will be destroyed.


25.- For any questions arising from the interpretation of this document or any dispute arising thereof, parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Girona, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable.

26.- These conditions have been submitted to a notary of the Illustrious College of Catalonia.

The award now also has an e-mail address in case of questions: premicostabrava AT panini DOT es


  1. Anonymes Zeichenhasi30. Januar 2012 um 02:15

    Sind Mangas auch erlaubt?
    Also hat man da auch eine Chance mit einem Beitrag in form eines farbigen Mangas oder ist das eher ungern gesehen :(
    Ich frage, da meine Story nun fest steht und ehe ich jetzt 3 Monate stundenlang daran rumkritzle~
    Naja man hat ja auch noch andere interessen ;3

  2. Laut der Ausschreibung ist der Award für alle Themen und Stile offen: "1.- Both theme and style are free choice."

    Man kann bei Fragen generell auch das Organisationsteams des Awards direkt anmailen, die Mailadresse ist am Ende der Ausschreibung enthalten: "The award now also has an e-mail address in case of questions: premicostabrava AT panini DOT es