Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Comics International: 24 Hours of Webcomics

Das US-Magazin Comicsbeat hat Webcomics einen ganzen Tag gewidmet: von 0.00 Uhr bis 24.00 Uhr posteten die Comicsbeat-Redakteure Kurzporträts ihrer persönlichen Lieblings-Webcomicseiten:

"Team Beat is reassembling starting at midnight E.D.T. tonight for “24 Hours of Webcomics.” Steve, Laura, Hannah, Henry and even the Beat have put together a list of our favorites, some well known, some obscure."

Über 20 Webcomic-Porträts kamen zusammen:
The Beat / Webcomics 


Einige direkte Webcomic-Links mit Zitaten aus den Reviews:

JL8 - A Webcomic: "JL8 is probably one of the main reasons I’ve been feeling meh about DC lately. Because this, THIS, is how our heroes should be done! JL8Our favourite DC heroes – Clark, Bruce, Diana, Barry, Karen, J’onn and Hal – as they were in elementary school..."

Sin Titulo - A Webcomic: "Sin Titulo is a master class in comics storytelling, courtesy of the ridiculously talented Cameron Stewart of Seaguy, Batman and The Other Side fame. The comic is a “dark, neo-noir semi-autobiographical mystery thriller concerned with dreams, family, and memory”, a description that doesn’t quite do justice to either the phenomenal artistry or the clever and paranoia soaked storyline.

Tails - A Webcomic: Tails brings a fictionalized “cartoon Ethan” to life as a comics artist in New York whose universe revolves around his work at a local animal shelter, his family and relationships as the son of Chinese immigrants, and the developing “supernatural” elements that interrupt his efforts to publish his own comics.

Formal Sweat Pants - A Webcomic: "I think comedy is the toughest impression to pull with comics. It's not easy to create something humorous and memorable - something that makes you laugh out loud - using the visual narrative."


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